Before the March 17 election, we want to ensure all South Australians understand the facts about Mr X's gaming madness and how this will impact your local pub, the 26,250 people employed in the industry and the countless economic benefits the industry delivers to our state. 

The facts: Spending on gaming has been consistently falling for a decade. Net Gaming Revenue has fallen by 32% in real terms in the last 10 years. Expenditure on gaming machines in 2018 is now at 2002/03 levels. That's 15 years ago!

The facts: 26,250 have jobs in pubs. Many more are employed to service the industry, ranging from wineries to tradies. In fact, SA hotels purchased over $1.23 billion in locally supplied liquor, beverages and food last year. Unnecessary changes being proposed by vote-seeking politicians will place thousands of livelihoods at risk.

The facts: Wiping out gaming would result in a government tax ‘black hole’ equivalent to putting some 3,000 teachers or nurses out of work. (Channel Ten News 9 January 2018)

The State Governments forward estimates have budgeted for  tax income from gaming machines of $1,126 Billion over the next four years.

The facts: Gaming machine numbers are down by nearly 31% per 1000 people since 2000. There were 13 EGMs per 1000 people in 2000 and that has reduced to 9 in 2017

The facts: Hotels employ 26,250 people with direct employment. Banning gaming machines or drastically reducing bet sizes in hotels will mean massive job losses and will see many smaller venues ceasing to trade. The most vulnerable – uni students and return-to-work mums – will be hardest hit. Banks will foreclose on loans immediately, not waiting for six to eight years.

The facts: 84% of all live music gigs are in SA hotels. More than 80% of those live music hotels have gaming machines. Hotels are actually keeping live music afloat.

The facts: In most if not all community surveys, gaming does not rank as a first, second or third tier issue with voters at all (that is, 0% of people surveyed raised gaming as an issue). The top issues are:

  1. Electricity prices
  2. Jobs
  3. Health
  4. Cost of living
  5. Reliability of electricity supply
  6. Education funding

The facts: Since 2000, SA retail sales have increased by 79.59%. Gaming revenue has increased by just 25.17% in the same period.

The facts: The term ‘Baron’ is a cynical political strategy to deliberately demonise a sector of the business community for political gain. The facts are that 87% of SA hotels are family and SME based. In 2017, many hotels ceased operation due to economic hardship. These were predominantly regional and country. The number of hotels in SA continues to fall each year.